My Mono World

My Mono World

Members and guests welcomed Andrew Linscott to show images from his Mono World. The evening started with some of Andrew’s background and images from days his younger days were he grew-up in the Yorkshire market town of Masham.

Starting with a Thomas Salter Adventure Kit, which included a real camera, he moved on to 110 and 126 Instamatics and then to a Pentax 67. Andrew explained that he has always had a fascination and enthusiasm for Black and White images as they often allow the simplicity and detail of the image to be seen without the distraction of colour.

Andrew works as a part time professional photographer producing images to sell as stock images and this compliments his other job in animal feed technology which allows him to travel.

Each image was accompanied by a brief explanation of where it was taken and why he liked it and had chosen to include it in the presentation. There was a wide range of images from portraits in the environment, family snaps, landscapes, animals and urban scenes.

Andrew finished this enjoyable evening with a short video montage showcasing many more of his images.