My Vision My Photography

My Vision My Photography

Members and guests were keen to welcome back Les Forrester, a long time friend, to Wakefield camera Club. The presentation for the evening was entitled My Vision My Photography, it is described on his website as

“My Vision My Photography” is a presentation that covers various aspects of my photography which includes architecture, landscapes, seascapes (mainly long exposures) and cityscapes plus a section called “bits & bobs” where various images that don’t fit the other sections end up so it is a little varied with various subject that private project work that I don’t share anywhere else. The talk/presentation starts with a short introduction prior to covering around four different subjects. Explanations of my camera craft and processing are included throughout the presentation as I explain why it’s my vision, my photography. 

Les started the evening with an explanation of how his photography has changed. He is no longer chasing letters after his name (he does have most of them), awards and competition wins, he is now spending more time taking images for himself. There was a call for change from big vistas to minimal scapes and square images, mostly long exposure and black & white. Les described his images as ‘An outward expression of an inner feeling’, he will usually ‘see’ a vision of the printed image before he has even taken the shot.

The evening was in four sections Scapes, Bits & Bobs, Architecture and Venezia. Many of the images were accompanied by an explanation of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ and there was often an insight into the post-processing that helped create the image. For post-processing Les mainly uses Photoshop with Nik Filters, Lightroom is used mainly for cataloging and asset management.

The evening clearly highlighted a love for well researched travel often gaining access to seemingly out of reach locations in some of the most exciting cities in Europe and landscapes across the world.

It was great to see Les back at Wakefield Camera Club for a thoroughly enjoyable presentation of some truly wonderful images, we can only hope Les has already been booked for his next visit.

There are many places where you can see much more of Les’s work. Website, Facebook, 500px and Instagram.