NEW – WCC Online Discussion Forum

NEW – WCC Online Discussion Forum

At this difficult time we are exploring ways to keep in-touch with our members. There have been a number of great suggestions made about introducing more online competitions, providing a space for members to chat and share ideas and even the opportunity to ask questions about photography, technology or in fact anything we want to chat about.

I am sure that at some point you will have all accessed a bulletin board, forum or online community and will have realised the benefit that can be gained by connecting with like minded people.

Today we are excited to launch the WCC Online Discussion Forum.

To access the forum, follow the WCC Discussion option on the top menu of the website or follow this link. You will need to register and wait for your account to be approved then you are free to create new topics or reply to existing topics.

As always we are very keen to hear from our members about suggestions or improvements to anything about your club so please do let us know whether you have any ideas about the website or new forum.

Have fun connecting with your fellow members.