Not another LRPS! Oh yes.

Back in June of last year Michelle Howell, Trevor Bottomley and myself, Steve Wright, went with our prints to The Royal Photographic Society HQ for our LRPS assessment. On that occasion only Trevor succeeded, but Michelle and I were referred. Well Michelle returned for her referral on the 27th of October and as you know passed with flying colours. I couldn’t make that event so I waited until this month and was assessed again. Like Michelle I had four images referred but I reprocessed them all in the light of the judges’ comments rather than replacing them. The full panel had to be submitted again and I had to wait until the end of the normal assessments which just racked up the tension again. Of the referrals that day I was third up, the first two having failed. The judges were fairly quick as they only had to look at the four new prints rather than the whole panel but it was still nerve-wracking. Eventually the chairperson of the judges uttered those hoped-for words “Is Stephen Wright here today?”. This always indicates that the panel has been accepted so I (and my wife, Liz, who was with me) breathed a large sigh of relief and the chairperson said the panel was to be recommended for approval for LRPS status.  Well today I have received an email to say that the award has now been ratified so I’m officially Steve Wright LRPS. So the last of the three from last year has gained the LRPS. Thanks to all the members who helped me throughout. Without that help I wouldn’t have achieved it. You can see my panel below.
I know there are better photographers in the club who haven’t tried for LRPS so why not give it a go – It really does improve your photography.

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