Not seeing double – just treble!

The evening of 18th July saw the judging of the Triptych Competition. This is the first year the club Has run this competition so it was a night of novelty. The competition was for prints consisting of three images, hence the name. The images can be related or not, same size or not, monochrome or colour, landscape, square or portrait, of any subject but must make a coherent presentation. It may not be easy to get a single print which you are satisfied with, but to get three and arrange them successfully just adds to the challenge. Quite a few members have had a bit of fun with it and, as it’s a bit of an experiment, fun is what it’s all about. The judge for the competition was Tony Caunt and, as usual, he had the entries for some time to ponder over.

Tony started by saying it was a superb set of entries and he had quite a time assessing them and trying to pick out the winners. In particular he praised the mounting and presentation of the entries which, in a competition like this, can make all the difference. He explained that the entries showed the three images in all sorts of configurations but he had to take into account how they worked as a whole, not just the quality of a single image. He then proceeded to comment on each print and gave each one plenty of time and consideration. His delivery was full of enthusiasm and he highlighted the good points of each and gave due consideration as to how they could have been improved. He also took into account his own personal reaction to them. There was lots of really useful feedback together with general tips on presenting a triptych. He had his work cut out as the subjects included prisons, ballerinas, churches, cups and saucers, scooters, statues, doors, mice, people, water, aeroplanes, bridges, flowers, trains….. an enormous variety.

In the end, though, he had to pick out the winners. Commended were “Over the Bridge” by Sally Sallett, “Departure” by Steve Womack and “She Said She Wouldn’t Be Long” by Steve Wright. Highly Commended was “Cups and Saucers” by John Bickerdike. In third place was “Amy” by Paul Wagstaff and second was “Harvest Mice” by Sally Sallett. However walking off with first place was “Ayla Rose” by David Kershaw. Well done to them all. You can see all the images below or on the 2016 Annual Competitions gallery page here.

The competition was an experiment but the reaction from members was very positive so it looks like it will run next year, possibly with a digital image section as well.

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