November Online Comp Results Are In!

The deadline has passed for the November online – the first where we have been able to upload images to the website directly. Hopefully that’s one reason for it being a decent size of entry this month. For the most part the upload has gone quite smoothly and the feedback I’ve received has helped to make it that bit easier. Well now for the judging. Malcolm Dobson has been the judge for this month and his comments and choices are below. Congratulations to the top 3.

Overall the entries for this competition are good with excellent detail and clever exposures. Bridges are not an easy subject to photograph well – mainly because the viewer sees only the bridge and not the details that make the bridge what it is. There is nothing wrong with good pictorial photographs but I am looking more for structural details and a different aspect for this subject. I’d like to thank you all for putting your entries into this comp., making it difficult to select a “top three” –  whilst I have chosen three images that I consider meet my interpretation, you will see that I do have some comments on these too……nothing’s perfect!!! If you wish to discuss your entries with me, providing that you understand that it will only be “one man’s concept”!!! dig me out on any of our evening events!  Look forward to your comments!!
First – Gateshead Milenium Bridge. Lovely pic with impact. Good cloud effect and I like the unusual red light on the underside of the arch. Composition good, but I think it would be better to have included more townscape to the left to offset the bridge to the right.
Second – Supporting St. Pauls. A very well selected viewpoint for this compulsive picture, well seen for the unusual composition. Great effort and well suited to monochrome. Pity about the figures over the barrier on the right which detract to some degree. Pity also that the bridge and St Pauls don’t have  a common centre line…….can’t do much about that!!!  But I do like this pic., really equal number one.
Third – Sydney Harbour Bridge 2 – Unusual pic. of this great landmark. Really interesting showing great detail of the bridge construction, very sharp too. I would prefer this in black and white to “hide” the figures climbing the walkway. Also get rid of the flags!! and/or crop the picture tight at the top for more impact.
(Don’t forget there are two pages of this gallery. Look below the images and you will see the page numbers)

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