November was all Yellow

November was all Yellow

Here are the results of the November Online computer – Yellow as placed by our judge – David Kershaw.

1st Place – Parasol by Nigel Hazell – I know one should not let one’s preferences and interests influence your choices when judging, but this is one image that really intrigues me. Is it a single image, or a composite? Just how did the photographer achieve those curves without distorting the parasol? Just what were the thought processes that selected that viewpoint and lens? It works for me.

2nd Place – Barn Owl by Sara Cremer – A fascinating composition, one is almost tempted to think the owl is secondary to the plant life. I may have been tempted to crop in a little closer, but the composition lifts the subject above most bird photographs I see.

3rd Place – It Can Be A Grey Old World Out There by John Upson – I like the way this image has been processed; it causes the viewer to really concentrate on the subject in yellow. It is unfortunate that the subject appears to be looking out of the picture, it would (for me) be so much better if the inject had been positioned on the right third and thus looking into the picture. A memorable image.

Highly Commended – Room 101 by Trevor Bottomley – One has to admit that the image is colourful and fits the brief (yellow). Nicely exposed and the lighting is interesting, I’m just glad I don’t live next door. Possibly a starting point for an awards panel?

The entries for December online competition will be drawn from all the placed images in the January to November competitions and judged by an external judge. The results of the overall winners of the 2022 online competition will be published during December.