Novice Night – 31st March 2014

On Monday evening club members were invited to choose their favourite three unmounted A4 prints and digital images from those entered into the novice night competition.  This competition is ideal, as it gives an opportunity for novices and newcomers to try their hand in a friendly informal setting and to receive feedback and comments from fellow members.

There was a wide and varied selection ranging from pianos to portraits, cows to cars and lamps to lobsters.  The winners were as follows:


1st – Chilly Bride – Sarah Hargreaves

2nd – Castleford Weir & Mill – Del Delap

3rd – Castleford Weir & Mill – Ryan Gledhill


1st – Tiger Splashing – Pulak Sahay

2nd – Laura’s Eyes – Keith Waddington

3rd – The Eye – Steve A Wood

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