Novice night.

It was an informal evening on the 17th with competitions for novices in both prints and digital images. There were 24 prints and about the same number of digital images. Every member had a chance to vote for their top three in each category and the results were very close.  It was an interesting experience thinking like a judge rather than just listening to one. In the end Ian Waddington took the print first place with Del Delap very close behind in second.  Ryan Gledhill and Malcolm Dobson shared third place. In the digital image category Del Delap imroved on his second place to win the digital section.  Steve A Wood took second place and Carole Cross was third.  Those 3 were very close but far ahead of the others. Well done to all of them.

Whilst all the judging was going on there was plenty of advice available from the more experienced members for anyone who wanted it. Prints were also collected for entry into the YPU exhibition.  All in all a fun and busy evening but with plenty of opportunities for a good chat.

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