Novices and Table Top in one night

The evening of Monday 16th March saw one of our regular informal digital image and A4 print competitions. This is intended for novices i.e. members who have not won or been placed in any of the club’s main competitions. It allows newer or more inexperienced members to “have a go” before entering one of the main competitions without having to compete against the “big guns”. In addition there was a practical session with two “table top” studios set up for members to use. This is an activity which can be done at home with very little expenditure and is not dependant on the weather or travel so ideal for those times when the urge to take photographs strikes but circumstances prevent the trip to find a subject. Both table top studios were provided with a wide variety of objects to provide interest across a wide range of subjects. As usual members at the meeting voted on the prints and digital images and the scores totalled to find the winners. In the digital image category Keith Williams won with “No. 5” whilst Elise Brown had her two images judged as equal second with “Hepworth” and “Flower”. In the print category Geoff Cross scooped both first with “Iron Band” and second with “Motor Lotus” whilst David Boroadhusrt came third with “Train on Ascent”. Congratulations to all.

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