Novices to the fore!

The evening of Monday 6th July saw the latest Novice A4 and Digital Image Competition.┬áThis is intended for novices i.e. members who have not won or been placed in any of the club’s main competitions. It allows newer or more inexperienced members to “have a go” before entering one of the main competitions without having to compete against the “big guns”. An innovation tonight was that feedback was given on every image and print. Each unmounted A4 print was displayed one at a time and an experienced member of the club gave their comments on the good points and suggestions as to how it could be improved. They didn’t give any scoring as it was intended to be simply constructive feedback that some people would appreciate to help them improve their photography. In every case the prints were displayed “anonymously” i.e. no names were given. The same procedure was then followed for all the digital images. The selection of the winners was done in the traditional way with every member voting on their favourite prints and digital images. In the case of tonight the print section had “Leaf” by Keith Barrass in third place, “Guitar” by Paul Smith in second and “Gentleman” in first place, again by Keith Barrass. In the digital image section Ray Parker was third with “Lillies”, Paul Smith was second with “Stoodley Pike” and Sarah Hargreaves was in first place with “Little Girl”. Congratulations to them all. During the half time break members were canvassed by the committee to see what they thought to the feedback innovation and it was clear that they thought it was a good idea, with some saying that this is just what the entrants wanted. Hopefully the images will be on the website soon.

In the second half the audience was treated to an audio visual show from the competition between Wakefield Camera Club and Noosa Camera Club in Australia. This was the first running of this comeptition and both clubs submitted images from a recent in-house competition. For Wakefield all the images were drawn from entries to the 2nd Clubman Competition. Wakefield organised the judging this time but Noosa produced the A/V show. They do this normally as both members and judges are scattered over a large area so getting everyone together can be difficult. The show displayed each image and the soundtrack had the judges comments and score so it was as involving and informative as if the judge had been in the room. It was a splendid display of some outstanding photography. In the end Wakefield won by just two points 317 to 315. Very close indeed. There will be a return match in September/October and this may develop into a regular event. A gallery of some of the high-scoring images will be on the website soon.

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