October Online Comp Results

Jack Bunn has now deliberated and selected his favourite shots of “Fauna” from the entries this month. He said it was going to be hard to judge and he was right. However Jack has provided some great comments so we can all see how he has decided on the winners. His comments are below and I will add all the images to a new gallery as soon as possible and put a link on this page.

Hi everyone, Firstly I like to apologise¬† for the late results. As you know a lot of work has been put in by Steve to upgrade the website and he’s been away. Just getting the images to me has been a task.
An even bigger task is judging them. Although only a few entries they are a bunch of cracking images which make this job that much harder. In the end I’ve picked 4 to include a highly commended.
No 1. Belgian blue. It struck me straight away.¬†Everything you’d expect from something you’d find in a farming magazine. Very sharp, perfect colour and very good depth of field. If I had to nit pick I’d have cloned out the pylon. Cracking image very well done to the owner.
No 2. Feed me. As with number one its pin sharp and great colour, fantastic texture on the tree. Just the background still a little strong for my taste.
Now’s the problem, a fight between two mighty birds.
No 3. Nest builder. I think the owner has caught the bird extremely well and the detail is spot on, even down to the grass caught around the birds leg. I love the detail around the head. The sea is well out of focus and doesn’t distract from the bird at all.
Highly commended is the Eagle eye. Fantastic detail. I didn’t know they have what looks like whiskers. Great colour again as with most of the images.
Sorry I can only pick these but very well done to all the participants. You could still be a winner in next months completion which is bridges. I have mine ready to go in. Jack Bunn.

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