Oliver Wright – “Nature, Macro and Landscape”

On the evening of Monday the 15th May members of Wakefield Camera Club enjoyed an evening that I can only describe as awesome!

The images together with a very warm and friendly presentation style made for an absolutely enthralling evening. Oliver Wright, a Yorkshire based photographer writes on his own website

I’m a professional photographer with my time split between Leeds (UK) and Abisko (Sweden), where I work full time as an photography guide.  I’m extremely passionate about photography and I’m multi disciplined in numerous photographic subjects.  For the last four consecutive years my wildlife and macro work has been in the British Wildlife Photography Awards.  I’ve been in the national press numerous times and also in BBC Wildlife, New Scientist, Digital Photography and Grand Designs magazine.  I have been flown out to Switzerland to photograph a wedding.  In the last 12 months I have done numerous talks about my photography which I really enjoy doing. In my gallery you will see many wildlife and macro subjects but also landscape, people and studio work.  My goal in photography, as well as in life is; “to ensure that everything is done as well as it can be” and therefore I try to constantly learn and push my boundaries.

During the evening Oliver showed his best and favourite images from the last 18 months, we had everything from the tiniest of insects to the largest of mountains, each with their own interesting and often amusing story. Oliver has perfected a hand-held focus stacking technique which allows him to capture the most stunning of macro images, I cannot possibly do justice to his work in words so I encourage you to take a look at this page on his blog.

As mentioned in his profile Oliver spends several months a year as a photography guide in Abisko (Sweden). Abisko is roughly 250 km within the Arctic Circle and can be found here 68°21′N 18°49′E, he leads parties into the forests and up into the mountains to capture the most stunning of images of the auroras. Follow this link over to Oliver’s website for a brief glimpse of some his great work.

It is clear by Oliver lives life to the full and will go to some quite extremes to capture just the right image and this includes working and hiking up mountains (avoiding the bears) in temperatures of -38°C. See more of Oliver’s work here.

A truly enjoyable evening.

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