On The Street

The evening of the 24 the September saw a very large audience entertained by Karen Rangely who is an enthusiast for street photography. She started by explaining that, after reviewing her images, she can see how her street photography has changed over the years and tonight she was showing images which documented that journey. She started with some definitions of street photography to try and clarify the subject. Basically it came down to show life in general in public places. She showed how the subject can be split into candid, street portraits, still life, urban landscapes and socio-documentary. To kick off the actual images she showed some from classic street photographers, starting with Henri Cartier-Bresson and some of the Magnum photographers she admired.

Karen started in marketing but with the advent of family she started to do street photography and thoroughly enjoyed the days of film, processing and printing her own work. There was quite a sequence of striking monochrome images from that time that everyone appreciated. When digital came along she acquired her first digital camera and began to shoot in colour. Karen was still focussing on the same subjects but was adding the dimension of colour. As could be seen from the sequence of her images, she gained a lot of inspiration from travelling and festivals, which showed people and their behaviour in all its wide and sometimes strange variety. Most of the images may not have fared well in traditional competition judging as they didn’t follow the normal criteria but that didn’t matter as they were arresting and conveyed a sense of place and person.

The audience then began to ask numerous questions about street photography and Karen answered them all fully including whether she received objections or intimidation from the public. She felt that if you approached the task in an unassuming and respectful manner and showed some empathy then rarely did it cause any annoyance. She explained that her work was helped by critique and she used Instagram quite a lot to get feedback – www.instagram.com/leedslassie. Asked about shooting with a wide angle lens and then cropping she said that she didn’t crop very much at all even though some of the classic photographers did. The audience was certainly impressed with the images which showed a different approach to competition entries and they showed their appreciation in the normal manner,

In the second half there was an opportunity to plan the forthcoming trip to Anglesey and have a bit of a social. Altogether an entertaining evening.


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