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To be in keeping with the subject, maybe the results this time should be going out as a text to your phone but I’m sticking with the web for now. The subject for the October Online Competition was “Mobile Phone Images” – the ubiquitous camera in your pocket. The camera set-ups for mobile phones have come on by leaps and bounds in recent years (even months) with renowned names such as Zeiss and Leica getting in on the act, and Sony making sensors for many phone manufacturers. It seemed a good point to take stock and see what members are doing with their mobiles. From looking at the entries, most members use the phone when out and about doing other things rather than deliberately going out on a photoshoot – understandable really. However the quality that some are achieving is pretty good to say the least. Some entrants have processed them on the phone and others imported them to their computer and processed them there. The image processing apps for phones are getting very good and Adobe are really pushing Lightroom CC for your phone. Jane Lazenby LRPS BPE 2* had the job this month of deciding who used their phone to the best effect and Janey’s views are below.

First place: Twr Maur Lighthouse – A well composed and beautifully lit image the pathway showing a pleasing depth of field and leading the eye up to the lighthouse. Also a strong composition using the rule of thirds, if I dare say, a mobile phone image that I think could easily hold it’s own in good DSLR company.
Second Place: Content, Ipswich – Well seen and with a great narrative, this well lit scene again shows a strong composition that has been well thought out and a beautifully exposed sky, a worthy second.
Third place: Sunrise Over Lupset Golf Course – Good use of complimentary colours and capture of the mood in this image, it appealed to my artist’s eye as the one I’d most like to paint! Well done.

Thanks Janey for those words. In third place was John Evans with “Sunrise Over Lupset Golf Course” and in second place was Nigel Hazell with “Content”. In first place was Trevor Bottomley with “Twr Maur Lighthouse”. If there is one thing that the competition has shown is that you can now achieve some very fine images using your mobile so there’s even less reason not to take photographs. Next month is a little bit of a challenge with the subject “New Life” so get your thinking caps on and send in an entry. It will be your last chance this year as December’s competition is between the top three’s from the preceding months.

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