Online comp goes mobile

The subject for the October Online Competition was “Mobile Phone Images” – the ubiquitous camera in your pocket. The camera set-ups for mobile phones have come on by leaps and bounds in recent years (even months) with renowned names such as Zeiss and Leica getting in on the act, and Sony making sensors for many phone manufacturers. As the technology for the phone itself has progressed and even the basic ones do the phoning part of the job very competently, the camera aspect has become the big selling point with manufacturers trying to outdo each other (Samsung is about to release a phone with 4 lenses). It seemed a good point to take stock and see what members are doing with their mobiles. From looking at the entries, most members use the phone when out and about doing other things rather than deliberately going out on a photoshoot with it. However the quality that some are achieving is pretty good to say the least. Anyway enough of my thoughts we want to know what the images look like. As usual they are in the gallery below so have a look. Jane Lazenby has the job this month of deciding who used their phone to the best effect and Janey’s views will be posted on here in a few days time. Next month is a little bit of a challenge with the subject “New Life” so get your thinking caps on and send in an entry. It will be your last chance this year as December’s competition is between the top three’s from the preceding months.

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