Online competition is all at sea!

The subject for the August online competition was “Seascapes” and it gathered quite a few entries. Given the time of year and the subject it’s not surprising that there may have been some holiday shots. With last month’s “Sunsets” and this months “Seascapes” I’m beginning to build up a picture of the holiday habits of  quite few members. Lot’s of good images and some humour gives the judge an interesting task. This month it’s our Vice-President Steve Wood, just back from his own holiday, who will be judging so it’s over to him – hope he doesn’t get seasick looking at all this water. You can make your own judgement by looking at the gallery below. See what you think. Next month the subject is “Macro” so  you can get on your hands and knees in the garden or get up close and personal with objects on the kitchen table. Give it a go.

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