Out of the Darkness!

The theme for November’s online competition was “Low Light” – thankfully nobody mis-heard it as Low Life!! As November is usually a pretty gloomy month it seems to have been an appropriate subject and plenty of people had a go with it. As you can see from the images below there was a lot of variety in the subject matter, as there should be with this topic, so it’s going to be tough for Trevor Bottomley LRPS who is judge this month but I’m sure he’s up to the job. Winners as usual in a few days.

Now remember there is no December competition to enter as it is the “finals” – the top three from each of the past eleven months are gathered together for an external judge to pick the best three of the year. However you can start thinking about the January 2017 online competition. The subject is “Street Furniture” and you can blame me for that subject suggestion.

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