Patterns for February

Patterns for February

The results of the February online competition are below.

1st Place: ‘Stack ’em High’ – Peter Wells – This was one that immediately grabbed my attention! Fine mono work, and I love the strong angled straight lines, broken up by those curves at the top. I’m guessing they’re stacked metal chairs with plywood seats providing the curves. Whatever the subject is, it’s got great appeal for me, and I’d no hesitation in giving this number one slot.

2nd Place: ‘All The Fun Of The Fair’- Sally Sallett
Lots of curves and patterning here. I strongly suspect a bit of digital jiggery-pokery, but it definitely fits the criteria! A very well framed and composed image, and colourful too, the fairground cars well arranged within the image – but it’s those lovely curves I really like.

3rd Place: ‘Car Park Window Grill’ – David Kershaw
Another which quickly caught my eye. Not obvious as to what the subject is, and couldn’t have guessed without its title. The strong colours and angled lines really give it impact, and the robin (whether actually there or Photoshopped in!) is the icing on the cake.

Highly Commended: ‘Graffemania’- Roger Gaynor
Never been quite that close up to a real giraffe, but assume it is one, not a giraffe-patterned rug! Again, suits the theme of patterns well, and I like the inclusion of the darker area top-left, which helps break up the main pattern, giving it shape and form.

Commended: ‘Windows’ – Ian Waddington
I initially thought this to be part of the John Lewis store in Leeds, or inside the Victoria Gate Shopping Centre, but looking at images I’ve taken there, I don’t think it is. Anyway, wherever it is, it’s eye-catching, and a very well captured striking image, and the symmetry’s spot-on too.

Commended: ‘Abstract Reflections’ – Jeffery Cummins
Rather more abstract, but still a pattern pic and fits the subject of the competition, and is well-seen. I would like to have seen it a bit brighter and with more contrast. Adjusting this in Photoshop perks it up a lot, and with this applied it would have done much better, but still worthy of a commendation.

Big thank you to Trevor Bottomley, this months Judge, for his time in selecting the winners, places, Highly Commended and Commended from the entered images. Next months judge will be Peter Wells.