Paula & Guy – Double Act II

Paula & Guy – Double Act II

Members and guests where excited to welcome back Paula & Guy Davies for part II of their Double Act. They first presented to Wakefield Camera Club in July 2016. Guy & Paula usually present their images as prints but this evening we were of course limited to digitals on Zoom.

Guy started the evening with a number of landscapes, explaining how he enjoys the sweeps of rivers and shapes that create shadows then moved onto some of his city photography where is uses composition to capture the perspectives and angles, lying on his back to get the unusual angle of a staircase looking up from underneath. We saw some images taken in the backstreets of London taken on an overnight workshop, 21:00 – 06:00 with the essential stops for tea and an early breakfast. Like many cities having local knowledge allows for the hidden gems to be captured which are usually unseen by the typical tourist.

We then saw a varied selection. There were some taken from a river cruise south of Paris down to the coast, Valencia was a favourite location then closer to home again with a shot of Newcastle and its bridges. Guy was award his ARPS in 2009 based on rock formations, you can see the panel here. There are many of Guy’s exciting images and much more information about his work on his website.

After a short break Guy handed over to Paula who describes herself as a “butterfly photographer” because she flits from subject to subject taking photograph of anything that attracts her. Many of the images where from the same locations. Perhaps not unsurprisingly they seem to travel and holiday together, but the images were different, demonstrating how two photographers can stand in the same place and see completely different things.

Paula likes to show her creative side taking more abstract images and experimenting with textures and backgrounds. Finding images in peeling paint, getting in quite close to get unusual shapes then using blend-if in Photoshop to create some very unique colours and designs.

Finishing the evening with some very interesting examples of how she was twirling images of tulips and bottles. Be careful if you try this as it seems quite addictive. Paula was award her FRPS in 2007, the panel is here. You can see much more of her exciting work on her website.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was rounded off with a round of applause and thank you of behalf of the members and guests. Hopefully Paula & Guy will be able to recommence their travels during 2021 and we will be able to invite them back for Double Act III.