Peak District – A Landscape Guide

Peak District – A Landscape Guide

Members and guests were all aboard for a trip around the Peak District courtesy of guest speaker Graham Dunn. Having originally trained at medical school, Graham changed direction from a career in surgery to one behind the camera. Currently based in Sheffield, he has been a full-time photographer since 2006.

Graham has a great passion for landscape photography and enjoys photographing throughout the UK. Areas of special interest include The Peak District and North Norfolk. Whilst generally striving to recreate scenes as they were seen by the naked eye – in the right conditions nature needs little assistance to reveal its beauty – Graham also enjoys creatively interpreting the landscape with the use of, for example, long exposure and/or infrared techniques.

The wonderful landscape images were very cleverly presented by reference to a map of the Peak District following the distinctly different areas of the Dark Peak, White Peak and South West Peak.

Each image was accompanied by a knowledgable narration including its location and many insights into how it was taken. Graham spends a lot of time planning and setting up each image with the use of maps and applications that allow you to plan exactly where the light, sun and moon, should be at any given time of the day providing him the best chance of being in just the right spot at the right time, the only thing he cannot control is the weather. Even on location he will wait for the right light and will usually use a combination of graduated and polarising filters, often taking multiple images which are assembled in post-processing to produce the final image.

During the evening Graham provided information about his equipment. He uses Canon 5D cameras, some of which are converted to infra red, he uses a carbon fibre tripod and a good range of zoom and prime lenses. He is also enjoying learning to use a tilt & shift lens to allow the focal plane to extend from the foreground interest through to the far off mountain peaks. He also said that he never goes out without his hot show spirit level.

His images have been widely published in magazines, books, textbooks, calendars and newspapers and his fine-art landscape prints are enjoyed by businesses and private collectors throughout the UK and beyond. You can read more about Graham and see more of his images on his website.

A thoroughly enjoyable an interesting evening.