Peter Wells – ARPS Selection Page

(This page is for Peter Wells to display images for evaluation prior to  submission for ARPS.) 

A night with the Rock Icons

I was recently invited by a seasoned Rock Tribute band to take a portfolio of images during their concert at our local theatre.

The band wanted a fresh set of images for their social media pages to illustrate both the atmosphere and audience interaction at their performances.

So, armed with only two lenses and some heavy duty earplugs I embarked on the project.

This assignment turned out to be far more challenging than I had ever imagined due to several factors:

The musicians’ positions on stage were totally unpredictable, the smoke machine fired up erratically, the lighting effects came from different angles without warning and, to make matters even more challenging, the overall lighting level was always very low.

My panel of images attempt to convey the excitement, energy, dynamic and audience appreciation generated by this impressive group of musicians.

You can click on each of the thumbnails and a larger image will be displayed. You can then use the keyboard arrow keys or the arrows  on the image which appear when your cursor is on the image.