David Kershaw ARPS CPAGB

I’m a Yorkshireman, born in Gods own county in 1946, what else is there to say?  If you were born anywhere else on earth I don’t expect you to understand. I used to look like an anorexic Geoff Capes (the shot putter) but time has taken its toll and I now look like a lanky (tall) Harold Shipman (the murderer). I keep fish, breed snakes and collect things, but, above all else, quest for a way of depicting what I see in the world around me. I have painted in acrylic, studied watercolour and battled with film for over 4 decades, but now we have Photoshop! At last I have a medium that lets me express thought.
My best picture? it’s always the one I am about to create (pictures are no longer taken, they are created from an endless array of component parts). Email me with ways to improve my images (or ideas for something better). If you have a Photoshop problem, ask, you never know we may have a solution and together we can progress.

My ARPS Panel Statement

You sit reflecting on the ripples in a pond, or in a lake,
And your mind begins to wander at the different forms they take.
Is it magic? Is it mystery? That conjures up these patterns,
Then you’re left with just the memory and as the water flattens,
You have to ask the question, were they real or were they fake?

I find the interaction between light and water fascinating. The way reflected or refracted colours change shape and form can turn the mundane into the surreal, the commonplace into the rare. My intention is to explore this phenomenon and try to cause the viewer to speculate about the subject matter of each print. The way rapidly flowing water distorts a shape is often very different to the effect created by ripples or wind generated waves. The colour of pollutants within the water can filter the reflected sky and create a different hue.
David Kershaw