Pictures at an Exhibition!

The 2014 Ridings exhibition has ended and we can all return to our own interests in photography. Over the years the annual exhibition has always been our chance to show off our photography to the general public. Putting on an exhibition would seem to be a straight forward procedure, but experience has taught us that this is not always the case. Chasing up members to get copies of their pictures, transporting stands & frames, labelling each picture, remembering to bring the right tools and organising the erection, manning and storage of the exhibition has never been easy. This year the onerous task of organising, coordinating and planning the exhibition was taken on by our Malcolm Dobson. I have to admit that by nature I am something of a pessimist and expected, as always, that something would inevitably go wrong. Nothing did, Malcolm had everything organised down to the smallest detail and  it ran like clockwork. He had put together a team for each stage of the event and they all worked as a team. I won’t list all the members involved, it would just turn into a long list of names, but thanks everyone, you all helped to produce our best ever exhibition. Thanks to all the 24 members who submitted work, thanks to all the committee who gave of their time, thanks to the club members who got involved and once again thanks Malcolm for planning and producing such a well-run event. You can see some images taken at the event on the front page.

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