Point, Shoot & Matching

On Monday evening Wakefield Camera Club played host to members from Normanton Camera Club for a matching competition.

So what is a matching competition?  Members from each club select 20 images to use in the competition then during the evening each club takes it in turns to show an image from their collection, the other club has to show an image from their selection that matches it.  This is where the fun really starts. The two teams supported by their members are positively encouraged to persuade or dissuade the judge whether or not the images are a match and which is the best image.

Points are awarded for a match and getting best picture, points are deducted for, well for any reason to be honest, it is quite hard to reason why sometimes, daring to disagree with the judge is one good reason.

The judge for the evening was Erica Oram, Competition Secretary from Sheffield Photographic Society.  Erica also delivers lectures and does judging for photographic societies. You can see some of Erica’s work on her flickr page.  Judging a inter-club matching competition does give the judge all the power, the ability to issue red and yellow cards to anyone, whether it be a member, the referee or the scorer and Erica also seemed to have an eye for a match that often alluded the audience; must be her judging experience!!

The reasons given as to why the proposed image is in fact a match ranged from the ridiculous to the really ridiculous – shape, size & colour are often used as a reason and even some excuses that seemed hard to fathom out.  The matching becomes harder and harder as the evening goes on as each team has less images from which to choose a match and at one stage the judge asked one of the teams whether they had actually selected the correct image.

The refereeing and scoring was also somewhat inconsistent, the referee did his best to influence the judge, encourage team and audience participation and it was often not clear whose side he was on, especially as the referee is supposed to stay neutral.  The scorer did an excellent job and managed to almost keep track of proceedings which became even more questionable when the final score was announced – would you believe both teams managed to score 31 points each – so a draw was declared.

It was a fun evening which gave plenty of opportunity for all those present to join in and air their views and it was a great opportunity to meet members from other clubs. There is already talk of a rematch hosted by Normanton Camera Club during 2016.


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