President’s night kicks off 2015

It was a packed meeting of well over 60 people attending on January 5th for President’s Night – an evening where the speaker is chosen by the club President.  This year Sally was delighted to be able to organise a talk by Terry Donnelly whose work has received national acclaim. Terry started with a quick A/V presentation to give everyone a glimpse of the range of his work, and most impressive it was too. He then charted his photographic development through his various awards and exhibition successes including LRPS, ARPS,AFIAP, MPAGB, ABPE and various PAGB ribbons. Everyone could clearly see that the quality of images Terry produces merited these awards. He strongly advocated the use of “personal projects” where one identifies a topic and then goes on to produce images relating to it. To illustrate his point he sowed two of his own projects – London Underground and Rabbits; the latter all self-portraits with a rabbit mask on. The creativity really shone through these images  and provided some of the audience with the enthusiasm to have a go themselves. Terry was at pains to point out that, although he is an active member of two camera clubs and enters their competitions, he is mainly in competition with himself – always trying to improve.

The second half of Terry’s talk was entitled “Painting it Red”. He explained that this refers to  a point in Alice in Wonderland where Alice points out that all the white roses could be painted red. For Terry this means that you can change the way you see something. It may be as simple as changing the angle of view but thereby creating a very different view of the scene. He showed various examples from his work and then went on to show how they were created. Many of his images are composites made from various shots, usually taken with the final image in mind. One of the main reasons he does this is that it would be very difficult, time consuming or costly (or all three) to try and set up the scene to take as one shot. Terry went through his processing methods with a couple of his shots showing how he took the original and used fairly straightforward and quick techniques in Lightroom to create a striking final version.

An excellent evening organised by our president, Sally, to kick off the new year and give everyone the impetus to get out with their camera and be creative.

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