Rainbow Results are Truly in.

The July online competition subject was “True Rainbows” and it may have been the “True” bit of the subject title which caused a lower than normal entry. Anyway 7 valiant members put themselves up for judging and Bob Gibson, our Competitions Secretary, changed role for once and was our judge. Here is his verdict.

The results of the online comp.. Rainbows:
3rd           Loch Carron Rainbow –  This is a great effect like how the sun catches the hill to the left,  Nice layer effect on the remaining hills. I would like to get the pot of gold.  (well I do need the money).
2nd          Rainbow – Nice colour rendition of the rainbow.  Lighting looks good,  just a shame about the aerials saying that a very good effort.
1st           Rainbow over QEGS. – The lighting is coming from the right direction to give this great effect,  Late afternoon shot really well seen.

This was a difficult decision considering the small amount of entries.


That’s Bob’s view – what was yours? You can see all the images below or here on the 2014 Online Competition page.

How about giving it a go for next month when the subject is “Numbers”. You can interpret that anyway you want and with summer sun and hopefully a bit more time let’s have a bumper entry.

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