Ready, Humourous or Not

Ready, Humourous or Not

There are so many ways to describe HUMOUR which is this month’s online theme. Immediately you think of Laughter, Hilarious, Funny the list is endless. Words like Funniness, Jocularity, Absurdity, Ludicrousness, Drollness and Facetiousness, the list goes on and on. What I’m trying to say, your sense of humour is most likely not the same as mine. My interpretation of humour may be something completely different to yours, so I may completely miss the humour that you see in the image. In other words, I’m apologising for my weird sense of humour.

17 entries in this month’s competition all have something to smile about, and that’s a good thing right now.

  • A Big Bottom to Scratch: – good quality image, and lovely colours. The hand scratching the bomb is the humour. It’s just the peeling back of the skin that takes the edge off it for me.
  • Animation: – this is funny. It tickles my fancy, a nice attempt at still life or may be clever computer black magic.
  • Are you Sure this is First Class: – quality image, but it didn’t make me smile. I feel your title is trying to make the humour rather than the image itself.
  • Boo: – this guy has a weird sense of humour. I could see this image doing well in a Halloween competition.
  • Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You: – I have had my hand bitten on many occasions by an adult swan and it is not funny. You have managed to capture good details in this image, while the bird is eating you, now that’s funny.
  • Eggs Box 360: – two talking eggs, now that’s funny.  A lot of thought and effort has gone into making this image and its paid off.
  • For Locking not for Looking: – this is a nice image. It just does not appeal to my weird sense of humour. Sorry.
  • Gorgeous: – well done for seeing this great opportunity and photographed it. I’m wishing that the gentleman had stood with his head underneath the model’s elbow and looking at the bikinis in the background, I think this would have been the icing on the cake.
  • Honey Climb: – a technically sound and cute image that triggers my imagination and brings out a smile.
  • I am Full of Great Ideas: – this image is technically spot on. I just don’t see the humour in it. Sorry.
  • I Can’t do it While that Photographers Watching: – from a photography side, this image needs tidying up, but from the Humour side it spot on. Well, it makes me laugh.
  • Self Portrait: – yes, very funny. I’ve often thought what was going on in your head. Now we all know. 
  • Ouch: – this is another funny image. I just think the quality is not quite there.
  • Some Honest Selling: – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so they say. I think it’s more of an information image rather than a funny image.
  • The One that Didn’t Get Away: – it must be funny to have things like this running around your house. I can see the effort and skill you have put into this image well done.
  • Wouldn’t Your Eyes Bulge: – this image ticks a lot of boxes for me. You have photographed something that is funny, most people passing by, would not notice it.
  • Here’s Looking at You: – quality image with good colours and good composition. Seeing these boats on a beach would lift anybody’s day

First Place; – Wouldn’t your Eyes Bulge – John Upson
Second Place: – Gorgeous – Dan Jeffrey
Third Place: – I Can’t do it While that Photographers Watching – Michelle Howell
Highly Commended: – Eggs Box 360 – Trevor Bottomley
Highly Commended: – Self Portrait – David Kershaw
Commended: – Animation – Sally Sallett

Thank you to everyone who entered and to Patrick for judging and congratulations to the winners this month. You can see all images in the gallery.

The April competition is open for entries so get those mobile phones clicking.