Most of the competitions we run require the submission of digital images, whether as the entry itself or as a digital copy of a print. This is so that they can be projected during judging and viewed by everyone present. Many photographic organisations holding competitions have the same requirements. To ensure a level playing field between entrants and to ensure the image is capable of being projected by a digital projector there has to be some standardisation of the size of the image. In most cases this is 1600 pixels by 1200 pixels and Wakefield Camera Club is no exception. All entries for our competitions have to conform to these dimensions.

For many members resizing an image can be confusing and can lead to entries being the wrong size, which could lead to it being rejected. To help with the resizing task some videos have been created to take you through the process, step by step. There is a separate video for each of various software packages to cover most that members will use. More may be added if there is a demand. Simply click on the one you want and the video will start. Remember you can pause them at any time to try each step out on your own.

Resizing digital images using Photoshop CC 


Resizing digital images using Photoshop Elements