Results of 5th Clubman are Black and White

Monday evening of 2nd November saw the judging of the final round of the Clubman Competition for this year. There are five Clubman Competitions each year for members (two Open and three Themed) comprising both Print and Digital categories. Tonight’s round was themed on “Monochrome” so it’s a tough job for the judge as they have compare portraits with flowers and landscapes with transport. It made for a fascinating evening. Entry for the competition was three weeks ago and the Competition Secretary sent the entries to the judge, Alan Ogilvie so that he could give due consideration to them before tonight. Alan commented on the generally high standard of entry and said he had found it difficult to separate out many excellent examples of monochrome work.

The evening kicked off with the Projected Images and there were 50 of them to look at. Subjects included flowers, landscapes, townscapes, driftwood, dogs, portraits, architecture …. you name it and it turned up. Alan went through each image and commented on the quality of work – what was good and what could be improved. This is always very informative for anyone wanting to improve their photography. In the final analysis, though, Steve Ininns took third place with “A Lion’s Roar”. Second went to Phil Gledhill with “County Arcade” and topping the entire set of entries was Steve Womack with “Bridlington Harbour at Dusk”. Well done to them.

In the second half about 30 prints were judged. Again their was a vast range of subjects to be assessed and Alan gave each his usual informative appraisal. In prints though, third place went to Paul Wagstaff with “The Race is On” whilst second went to David Kershaw with “Atlas Fountain, Castle Howard”. Top spot went to Paul Wagstaff with “Millenium Bridge, Newcastle”.

In the print section there were some good entries from Novices which was very welcome. Alan Ogilvie commented on their quality  and was really impressed with the standard for people just starting out in competitions. There was an award for the best placed Novice and this went to Madison Bright with “London Beauty”.

A really good evening which really showed what could be done with good old black and white. Have a look at the winners gallery below to see what I mean.

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