Results of Being All At Sea

The theme for the October online competition was “Boats and Ships” and a variety of vessels were submitted – from wrecks to speeding powerboats. David Kershaw had the task of picking the images that “floated his boat” so to speak and here are his words of wisdom.

These are my choices for October. ;-

1st The Leap – Such a great image. The dolphin playing in the bow wave of the boat, just sums up the joy of life. We often hear it said that ‘timing is everything’ and the photographer has captured the dolphin at the top of its leap. A great reaction shot, well done.
2nd Beached – Like something out of a Disney cartoon. The silhouette works well for me and sunsets bring a feeling of contentment, this reinforced by the three gulls. I just want to be there.
3rd S 10083 – what great reflections, I absolutely love this image. Most people would have walked on by, but the sunlight bouncing off the water adds so much. Well seen.
Highly Commended – Powerboat Championship – A ‘letterbox’ image. Interesting action, but I’m not sure about the crop. Would it be better if the boats were on the bottom third?
Commended – City Cruises – a simple, but very clean image. I especially like the bow wave.
Commended – The Galatea – a buoy-laying vessel active in the North Sea. Well captured, with an interesting sky, the image just feels right. Well done.

David K

Thanks David for the judging and the comments. You can see the gallery of images below. Meanwhile November is your last chance to enter the online competition this year as the December competition is just for those images placed first, second or third in the previous 11 months – a real best of the best competition. The subject for November is (don’t laugh) “Humour”.  It sounds easy but I bet it has a few people scratching their heads. Give it a go and let your imagination run riot.

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