Results of the 5th Clubman Competition

Wakefield Camera Club extended a very warm welcome to Stuart Clark ARPS, the judge for the 5th and final Clubman competition of 2014.  The subject for the 5th Clubman was ‘Holidays’ and I doubt anyone ever anticipated such a wide and creative interpretation.  Stuart Clark opened his judging by telling an eager audience that he had never been asked to judge on the theme of Holidays before and it was difficult to differentiate a Holidays image from an holiday image and that he was looking for images with the right atmosphere, where the author had clearly captured the theme.

Amongst the 30 print and 47 digital entries the images covered just about every holiday related theme you can think of from donkeys, seaside chalets and Punch & Judy through to rock bands, a koala bear and landscapes.

Stuart gave constructive feedback on each image from which the author would be able to develop the image further, some needing cropping whilst others needed to be captured from a different angle or perspective to really capture the theme and there were one or two that were excellent images but Stuart acknowledged that he was struggling to see how they related to the set subject.

The quality of the images submitted was excellent in both the print and digital sections so in addition to awarding a 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each section Stuart also gave six Highly Commended and eleven Commended.  Congratulations to every one who entered.

The Results were –

Prints: 1st – Follow me, Peter Wells : 2nd – Beach hut reflections, Brian Hill : 3rd – Hello, is anybody there – Steve Womack : HC – Come on in, the waters fine, David Kershaw : HC – Lounging by the Sea, Ian Waddington : C – Getting Away, Ian Waddington : C – Holiday Parade, David Jones : C – Hebridean Holiday, Philip Watson : C – Masca View of Teide Tenerife, David Jones : C- Marrakech Man, English Hat, Turkish Cigarette, Chris New : C – Fun on the beach, Peter Wells

Digital : 1st – Ho Joy, another foggy day in Cleathorpes, David Kershaw : 2nd – Crash, Lliber 2014, Jack Bunn : 3rd – Found It, Almost Home, Ian Waddington : HC – We will enjoy ourselves, Steve Womack : HC – Strolling on the beach, David Kershaw : HC – eye strain, Peter Wells : HC – Balloon flight at dawn, Brian Hill : C – Lake Geneva, Zoe Lunn : C- Spear Fishing, Ian Waddington  : C – Punch & Judy, Peter Marsh : C- Three of a Kind, Malcolm Dobson C – Beach Huts, Stephen Dickinson.

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