Results of the Annual Online Competition 2017

It’s that time of year again. Just before the Annual Dinner we have the final results of the year. As most of you know the online competition is a themed monthly one running from January to November and in December we take the top three from every month and put them all together to form one last “best of the best” open subject competition. The judging is external and this year we are very grateful to YPU Immediate Past President and YPU Print Secretary Andrew Pell CPAGB for running his critical eye over the entries. Without further ado here are his thoughts

My top three:
1st – Rude Words. Looks to be typical junior school humour – a gang of boys sniggering about what words they can think of without being caught by teacher or mum & dad. I’d hazard a guess at who did this but I’d probably be wrong. Good job the slices weren’t bigger for what words might have been included! Good depth of field or softened in the right areas for blurring out the background and emphasising the words. Was it taken by a left-hander as the knife and fork is the ‘wrong’ way round?
2nd – Fast Wheels. Well caught to get the angle and position on the track with the rumble strips. The elevation gives you a look under the car and you see the inner wheels which isn’t common. Good shutter speed / panning technique for freezing the car’s motion but keeping the wheels turning  – doesn’t look like it’s just a very fast shutter speed to freeze everything like in a lot of the race catalogues. Some strong colours for a grey day – saturation bump? Looks like Donnington from the rumble strip colours. Might have been nice if the light was better to allow a bit more DOF to get more of the length of the car sharp.
3) – Share Nicely Boys. Well seen and caught as an action shot and getting the birds doing something (not sat on sticks!) Doesn’t look like a ‘more tea, Vicar?’ type of conversation… 😉 Can’t tell from the remains of the fish whether it’s a thrown in one for a setup or they’ve been properly fishing but well done with the capture and exposure.
Highly Commended – Slither. Intriguing – what is it? The blade of a leaf? An eel that’s been coloured, A slime trail or has James Bond used his magnetic watch to lower the zip of an evening dress…?
Commended  – Winter Silhouette. We know it’s Foggy but are the other two Compo and Cleggy? Wanting to know what conversations are going on between them – either miserable about being stuck out there in the cold and murk or enjoying the crisp winter weather and the birds crossing the sun? I almost wish the lump and bushes weren’t there so we concentrate on the people, the birds by the sun and the tree more – dare I say a triangle of things in the composition as one well-known judge would comment!
Commended – 
BeachedI love the sky colour at the end of the day – such strong colours with the blue and orange. The sun has been well framed in the rigging and there’s just enough shadow detail in to pick out details (at least I can see them on the laptop…) Does it need the lower layer of shingle on the bottom? Removing this would take away some of the lighter bits that take the eye away from the boat’s detail. The seagulls are a good addition to the frame.

Thanks you Andrew for taking the time to review all the images and for your comments on the winners. Now on to the names. Commended were Nigel Hazell for “Beached” and Chris Goodacre for “Winter Silhouettes”. Paul Smith received “Highly Commended for “Slither”. In third place was Peter Wells for “Share Nicely Boys” and in second place was Dave Jones for “Fast Wheels”. Taking first place though was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes for “Rude Words”. Well done to them and thanks again to Andrew. You can see all the images in the gallery below.

Don’t forget that we start it all over again in January 2018 with  the subject of ….. “Christmas”. A highly topical subject and there should be plenty of opportunity to capture something of the spirit of the season (or should that be spirits!!).

Finally a Happy Christmas and a successful 2018 to all from your webmaster Steve Wright.

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