Results of the BMW Competition (at last!)

If everyone can remember back in March we had a really good evening out at Sandal BMW spending the evening photographing their beautifully prepared cars. A small competition was announced and entries received. Unfortunately Greg Stainton from Sandal BMW has been very busy since then and hasn’t had chance to judge the entries so our own David Goodier has kindly stepped in to do the honours. These are his comments.

Some months ago an opportunity arose (thanks to Nigel) for a visit to the BMW Sandal showroom where club members could spend a couple of hours shooting cars, bits of cars, car related gifts and other stuff from the BMW & Mini ranges

We started with a briefing by Greg Stainton, the showroom’s Marketing Manager, who basically told us we could shoot what we liked & go where we liked; which is exactly what we did

The Opportunity then – was to shoot a range of new & used cars from ultra high performance to city runabouts, both inside & out
The Problem(s) – related to the general lack of space within the showrooms to get wider distortion free views of the cars; the lighting was a huge range of spotlights everywhere giving uneven & often unavoidable specular reflections; there were White Balance issues; the overall light level meant higher & noisier ISOs were needed for any handheld shots; there were issues with one’s own reflection appearing in the shiny bits and not least – other photographers being in shot !!! For my own photos I wanted to move away from anything that looked like a potential BMW advert and to shoot something more creative, something that perhaps captures the essence of the car or brand, or just simply has a WOW factor – and its this same idea of something a little-less-ordinary (yet well done) that I’ve applied to my choices here, so…

1st place goes to – Mini Magic – the Mini range is all about curves, colour and youth (even if bought by OAPs just reliving their youth of owning the original Mini), and that’s what this image reminded me of straight away; it also has an almost abstract and wow factor too
2nd place goes to – Motoring Perfection – while you could say its more like an advert being a whole car, its the clever viewpoint avoiding other cars and the almost OTT processing that makes it more mechanical looking, more like a Transformer part way through its transition, and frankly more exciting because of that processing
3rd place goes to – Two Tone – for the use of graphic design in straight edges and blocks of tone contrasting with the curvaceous shape & blended tones of the car; with the added interest of its mirroring too

As to the others, there isn’t a bad image amongst them, so well done to all – and just like every other Judging you’ve ever seen, please feel free to call me an idiot for my choices here too 🙂

All the best

Thanks David. Now to put names to the titles. In 3rd place is Neil Scarlett with “Two Tone”. In 2nd place is Robert Bilton with “Motoring Perfection” and the outrright winner is Peter Wells with “Mini Magic”. Well done everyone. You can remind yourself of the images below.

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