Results of the Third Clubman Competition

A packed house at Brookhouse Club eagerly anticipated the judging of the 3rd Clubman Competition, the subject being “Fauna”. This left the field wide open with subjects ranging from insects to tigers, birds to fish and everything in between. The judge for the evening was John Brady and he introduced the evening by complimenting the club on the quality of the entries. He thought that it was above the normal standard and closer to the quality one would expect in an exhibition. It is no surprise then, that Wakefield Camera Club has been asked to represent Yorkshire (more on that in another article soon). The judging was split into 2 as usual with prints first. Here the quality was matched by the quantity and we ran out of space to display them all. John’s comments were, by necessity, kept fairly brief but they were always informative and helpful. Normally a judge at the club will only award one print (or image) the full 20 marks for the winner, but John said he’d had to award SEVEN prints this highest accolade simply because they were so good. He did, though, manage to separate out a top 3. First was “Courting Gannetts” by Phil Watson, second was Juvenile Robin” by Glen Shute and third went to “Displaying Puffin” again by Phil Watson. Highly commended were “Sandblasted” by Les Forrester, “Arctic Tern” by Steve Womack,” Leopard” by Glen Shute and Atlantic Gannets by Phil Watson. Congratulations to all of them. As usual all prints were on display over the break so that everyone could have a good look and chat amongst themselves picking out their favourite.

After a short break the judging of the digital images was carried out. There were 53 images covering a similar wide range of topics and John manfully went through all of them giving his critique. The results weren’t quite as close this time. Although the quality was still high John was able to find a clear winner and that was John Gardner with “Greater Flamingo” –  a superb shot. In second was David Kershaw with “There’s always one!” and third was Peter Bindon with “Friends”. Again congratulations to the winners.

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