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The subject for the June online was “Roofs” and we saw plenty of different ones – old and new, en mass and in detail, home and abroad. For a quite specific subject there was a fair bit of variety. To add to the normal competition there was a further competition between myself and the website which I hope I have won on points. Sorry for all the trouble but we seem to be OK now. Particular thanks to Harry Wentworth, our judge for this month, for being very patient and putting up with images being there and then not there, navigation buttons going missing and general website mayhem. These are Harry’s decisions and comments

It’s been great looking through some very interesting images with different interpretations on the theme of ‘Roofs’ although we did have two views of Dubrovnik and two views nearer to home of a Leeds shopping centre!

Winner: Roof Garden – A great diagonal abstract composition from the rolling terracotta roof tiles with lots of interest from the moss and sedum plants, all crowned with a touch of red in just the right place.
Second place: Glasshouse Roof at Kew – A lovely circular composition with the added interest of the diagonal palm leaves leading us up to the beautiful glass roof above.
Third place: Oberhofen, Switzerland – A wonderful scene of this Swiss waterfront location with a vast array of interesting roofs, made more interesting by a little side lighting, it’s a shame the golden globes at the top of the main roof have been cropped a little, but a minor point.
Commended: Dubrovnik (image number 3) – Plenty of interest here from the rich warm colour of the terracotta roof tiles with a good focal point from the tower on a third.
Commended: Imperial War Museum North – A great view of the wonderfully shaped roof of this modern building.

Thanks Harry for your sterling work. To put names to the images gives, with Commended is Robert Bilton with “Imperial War Museum North” and Neil Carter with “Dubrovnik”. In third place was Keith Nunns with “Oberhofen, Switzerland” and in second place was Sally Sallett with “Glasshouse Roof At Kew”. Taking first place was yours truly Steve Wright with “Roof Garden”. Thanks you again Harry and have a good holiday – you probably need one after all the problems! Do you agree with Harry? Have look at the gallery below and see for yourself.

Next moth the subject is “Self-Portrait” which should be very interesting. How many will do a straight self-portrait and how many will try to “disguise” themselves or interpret it in a very creative way? Get your thinking caps on and entries sent in by the 20th July as usual.

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