Roofs for July

Roofs for July

The results for the July Online competition are in from our Judge and President – Peter Wells.

Congratulations to Sara Cremer for being Top of the Picks and therefore becoming our next Judge for the August OnLine – Monochrome.

Sara was closely followed by Nigel Hazell and David Kershaw.

Thank you to all the members who entered the round and supporting WCC.

Right without further to-do here are Peter’s notes;

1st – Tatty old roof – Sara CremerSuper detail on the upturned boat, now used as a storage shed I believe. The detail, colours and textures on the roof are excellent and with Lindisfarne also very sharp in the distance the author has shown very good composition too. Well done.

2nd – Ragusa Rooftops – Nigel Hazell

I really like the viewpoint of this shot, everything is tack sharp with a good variety of roof materials and shapes along with a lovely focal point on which we can rest our eyes.

3rd – Detail Garage Roof – David Kershaw

Despite looking at all the other images over and over I kept coming back to this image and was very impressed with the author’s thinking “outside the box”. I just found the way it has been presented and the detail of the moss quite different so, well done!