Round 5 of the 2017 Clubman is on the right lines

Monday evening of 13th November saw the judging of the 5th and last round of the Clubman Competition for this year. There are five Clubman Competitions each year for members (two Open and three Themed) comprising both Print and Digital categories. Tonight’s round was themed on “Lines” so it’s up to each entrant to interpret that as they wish. The judge is the final arbiter as to whether the entry fulfils the brief. Given that it is Wakefield Camera Club then it was to be expected that there would be a wide range of interpretations and that certainly was the case. Entry for the competition was two weeks ago and the Competition Secretary sent the entries to the judge Duncan Webb so that he could give due consideration to them before tonightDuncan was a professional photographer before becoming a lecturer at Leeds Beckett University so certainly “knows his stuff”!

Duncan started by giving an introduction saying that, in actual fact, it was a difficult subject and that it had been well-interpreted by most entrants. He did say, however, that the focus of the entry had to be about lines and when he looked at each entry he asked himself the question as to whether this said “Lines” to him. A few entrants had used “Lines” as part of the title but if you didn’t know the title then you might not recognise that it was supposed to be about lines. On this basis some entries had to be marked down. 

There were a good number of prints entered so it was then on with business. Duncan gave very full, helpful and well-considered comments on every single entry which were most appreciated by the audience. The subjects portrayed were surprisingly wide – prisons, sand dunes, stairs, railway stations, bridges, insects, seascapes … even portraits! Wakefield camera Club members are nothing if not inventive. At the end of looking at them all Duncan picked his print winners. Commended went to Chris Goodacre for “Evening Light Catching Sand Dunes” and Peter Wells for “A Face For Radio”. Steve Wright received Highly Commended for “He Could Only Draw Straight Lines”. In Third place was Nigel Hazel with “Who’s on the Line?”, second place was Steve A Wood with “Pipe Lines” and coming out on top with first place was David Kershaw with his very striking “Laugh Lines”.

Then it was on to the digital images and there were plenty of them to look at. Duncan went through each image and commented on every one. The subjects included were just as wide with elephants, floors, umbrellas, light trails, pencils, plants, tunnels, car parks …. in addition to the variety seen in the prints! In the digital category Commended went to Peter Wells for “Steel Staircase” and Paul Smith for “Slither”. Highly commended went to Sally Sallett for “Power Lines”. In third place was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes for “Concentric Circles” and in second was Paul Smith for “Two Old Forks”. However taking the first place was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with “Prison Windows”. Congratulations to all the winners and, as was said on the evening, it was good to see so many younger and more recent members high up in the placings.

It was a fascinating evening and Duncan’s comments were very warmly received by all. Indeed there were many complimentary remarks on his evaluations at the end of the meeting. You can see all the winners in the gallery below. A list of the scores over all five rounds will be published shortly.

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