RPS Distinction Advisory Day

Saturday 31st March saw Wakefield Camera Club Host the RPS for another of its Distinction Advisory Days. The Advisory days are a great way for photographers looking at putting a panel of images together to gain feedback on whether their images are considered suitable, and fit together to form a cohesive panel to meet the requirements of the Royal Photographic Society. Distinctions that were being looked at on this occasion were for the Licentiate (L Panel) and Associate (A Panel);distinctions. 

The ‘L Panel’ is made up of 10 images which are required to show a variety approach and technique to a high technical standard, with the photographer showing a range of photographic skills. The Panel needs the images to sit well together so that it forms a well balanced submission. 

The ‘A Panel’ differs in that there are set categories that the photographer must abide by and the skill level required is much higher, with the photographer showing creative ability and a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. It also requires a written ‘Statement of Intent’ that correlates to the images presented in the panel. 

Around 10 submissions had been brought for the day, which started with the ‘L Panels’ being looked over. Robert and Malcolm  – the Advisors for the RPS, provided some really useful feedback on how the panels could be improved on, which should provide a reasonable modicum of success should the submissions be sent for a formal assessment. After a break for lunch, The ‘A Panels’ were up for comment, however the RPS has recently changed the way in which A Panels are now advised on. This involves sending digital copies of the images prior to the advisory day to an assessor who specialises in the chosen category. The assessor provides some written feedback which is then read out on the day to the photographer. The role of the attending advisers on the day for the ‘A panel’ submissions is to look at the quality of the prints and mounting, and to offer advice if required. The new approach certainly raised a few issues, which hopefully can be resolved for future sessions. 

The day finished with a round of thanks to the guests from the RPS, and Wakefield CC will be looking forward to hosting the next Advisory Day.

If you would like further information on Distinctions with the RPS, details can be found at  http://www.rps.org/distinctions

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