Sally Sallett now ARPS!

Our immediate past president Sally Sallett has recently achieved Associate status with The Royal Photographic Society, a wonderful and deserved recognition of her photographic talent (although formal ratification from the RPS is still awaited at the time of writing). She is now Sally Sallett  ARPS CPAGB BPE2*.  In common with most members when Sally first joined Wakefield Camera Club had no photographic qualifications at all but taking her cue from experienced members she entered club competitions and then for awards. Achieving success she then became a judge and one wonders where it will all end! It just shows what can be achieved. For the Associate distinction the RPS states that it is for “images of exceptional standard and a written Statement of Intent (what you hoped to achieve). This is a significant step up from the LRPS.  At this stage creative ability and personal style (what makes your work unique to you), along with complete control of the technical aspects of photography must be evident.”

Those of us who have witnessed so many of Sally’s images in club competitions will not be surprised to learn that she chose a them of “Flowers” interpreted in an creative way. This “Creative” category of ARPS is not the most common or easiest route to the distinction but Sally managed it first time. Not only that but if you look at the “Distinctions” page of the RPS website they are using Sally’s hanging layout as the image for “Distinction Successes” . Could it get better – yes it can. In their email to Sally the RPS said “We would also like to keep your panel as an successful example of ARPS Creative category. We choose only a small number of panels from each assessment to inspire and help those who wish to apply. Your panel will be shown at Advisory days, and Celebrations of Distinctions.” Well Sally’s work has inspired many at the club and long may it do so. Below you can see the hanging plan for her images her statement (click on image to enlarge it). Remember she is giving a talk on how to gain a distinction on the evening of the 25th March at the club. Well done Sally.

A Layout Sally Sallett







Trash to Treasure 

In this “Throwaway Society”, it is easy to miss beauty in unwanted items.

My neighbour at work is a florist, who on a Friday, knowing my love of photography, fetches me the tired or marked blooms that are unfit for sale.

Wherever I travel, I scour junk shops & car-boot sales in search of small vases & containers.

On a bright day, using natural light, I craft my collection of cast-offs into miniature floral arrangements and shoot. Then, using the textures I have created & collected over time, I embellish my images.

This panel is the result of my efforts.

Sally Sallett. LRPS CPAGB
23 March 2016

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