Round 4 of the 2018 Clubman Competition is Judged

The evening of Monday 10th September 2018 saw the judging of the fourth round of this year’s Clubman Competition. As usual there was a large attendance to view lots of prints and digital images. This round of the competition was classed as an “Open” round which basically means that anything goes – any subject, any treatment, anything the photographer wants to do. Tonight’s judge was Martin Lichfield and he had the unenviable task of comparing landscapes with portraits, architecture with birds, colour with black and white, etc. etc. It was never going to be an easy task and Martin remarked that the standard of work was terrific. He had lived with the prints and images for over a week and carefully examined them all twice and more in some cases. Martin managed to comment on every single print and image, identifying the good points of each print or digital image and made constructive suggestions as to how they could be improved – where possible! Sometimes this form of judging is a great way for anyone to learn what makes a great photograph. Just listening to these appraisals is as good as a photography course and is also a great way to measure yourself against other members and to identify how you could improve.

First up were the prints including landscapes, portraits, seascapes, birds, street photography, insects, animals and flowers – the full range of subjects! After all the scores had been decided on the following were Commended  – “Marie-Jean Taylor The Painted Lady” by Paul Wagstaff and “Shard of Light” by Tim Jonas. Highly Commended was ” Salene” also by Jane Lazenby. The top three were, in third place “Juvenile Gannet” by Paul Wagstaff, second place “Golden Tree Frog” by Peter Wells and top of the list in first place was “And My Shadows” by Nigel Hazell. Congratulations to them all.

After a break came the digital images. If it were possible there was an even broader spread of subjects in the images which were entered. The standard was again high and Martin gave Commended to  “The Citadel” by Steve Wood and “Green Frog Legged Beetle” by Paul Wagstaff. Neil Scarlett was awarded Highly Commended for “I’ve Got My Eye On You”. In third place came “Green Paths” by Jane Lazenby and second place went to “Giant Owl Butterfly” by Nigel Hazell. In first place, though, was a fantastic “Lubber Grasshopper” by Peter Wells. Well done and congratulations to them all.  You can see the top three images and commended in each category below or by clicking here.

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