September online comp entries are mouthwatering!!!

The subject for September’s online competition was “Food”. Maybe because of holidays etc. it did not attract as many entrants as normal but the quality was a high as ever. No strange takes on the subject this time so each image conjures up  a taste – and some of the images themselves look good enough to eat. This month the judge is Les Forrester. We have all admired his wonderful images over the years so now it is his turn to select his pick of the crop. Why not feast your eyes on the images in the gallery below (or view them here), but be warned – you could be hungry afterwards!

Next month’s online competition has the subject of “Chimneys” which I guess will be a first. Look out for photographers with stiff necks from looking up too much. As usual the deadline for uploading your images is the 20th of the month so you have plenty of time to find your favourite chimney. Why not have a go.

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