September Reflections

September Reflections

The results are in for the September Online competition for which the set subject was Reflections. Steve Womack was the judge and you can see his winners and comments below.

1st Place – Fun House by Mark Slater – This image just jumps off the page and would look impressive if printed up large. Tonality across the scene is well handled particularly in the fairground lighting. The viewpoint across the water and the choice of shutter speed has provided the softening of the water needed to produce defined reflections without being overly soft. All said this is an image that has quality and receives First Place.

2nd Place – Clarence Dock Reflections by Neil Clarke – A well seen image of this Leeds Landmark. On review i believe the removal of the boat prow by reframing the scene would strengthen the image more. Protrait format suits the aspects of the building lines and reflections. Well defined colours handled well throughout this presentation.

3rd Place – Lights on the Tyne by Neil Carter – Well framed and balanced image which highlights the title. The viewer is taken through the first bridge arch to finally rest on the furthest arch. Exposure and depth of field are precisely handled to give definition into the shadow areas.

Highly Commended – Bridge by Peter Wells – Well defined reflection meeting the brief. Positioning of the bridge walkway to RH side of frame creates a strong image. The near mirror like water surface is enhanced by the disturbance of wind and the circular ripple. Colours well handled. Unfortunately stronger images keep this one from the top places.

Highly Commended – Workshop Reflections by David Kershaw – Oh my Oh my, this does turn you viewpoint upside down and inside out. Very creative use of the subject well augmented by the figures on the fungi. Believe that the split line horizontally is not balanced with the positioning of the fungi interest.

Commended – I360 Tower, Brighton by Trevor Bottomley – Viewpoint is everything and this image has been well captured. Details are well defined and sharp and the production of the image is excellent. I might be tempted to suggest to the author to crop in from the RH side to the first glazing bar and balance that similarly on the LH side too.

Commended – Reflections in a Big Bubble – by Angela Crutchley-Rhodes – Had to look at this more than once as you see a lot of glass ball images but not a lot of bubble ones. The physics of the image on the bubble are puzzling as i would not expect to see a flipped image as the reflective surface is external and does not act as a solid glass ball would. So nice compositing skills which gave the old brain cells a whirl around.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone entered. You can now enter your October images with the Subject of Something Old – an old car, building or shoe etc so get you lens caps off and give the judge Mark some great images to consider. Members can login to PhotoEntry to see all the entries.