Settle Trophy Settled!

At the meeting on the evening of Monday 26th October we had the judging of the Settle Trophy. The Settle Trophy Competition is an annual inter-club competition between Selby, Doncaster, Wakefield and Howden Camera Clubs which has been running for over 50 years. In this each club takes it in turns to host the event and to pick the judge. Each club submits 8 prints and 8 digital images which are then awarded points by the judge, to a maximum of 20, and the club with the greatest total of points holds the trophy until the next competition.

This year we hosted the event and the judging took place in front of a packed house with the normal Wakefield members and visitors from the other clubs. The judge, David Houstead, had all the entries for some time to assess them, so tonight we heard his verdict (and score!) on each image and print. To add a little extra something to the occasion it was David’s last judging as he is stepping down from the role. Given that fact, it was pleasing to hear him say that he was genuinely surprised at the amount of talent on display. In fact he said that he has judged many, many competitions and this collection of prints and images were about the highest standard he has come across. He could easily have given the full 20 marks to lots of entries, but he could only give them to the best of a exceptional collection.

The judging started with the digital entries and it was immediately apparent why he made his comments. The opening image was a superb projected image of a tiger in the snow which would have won many a competition and the standard was maintained throughout the display of the digital projected image entries. David gave lots of informative comments about each one and a score but no-one knew which club each entry was from. At then end of the digital section there was a break for refreshments (and a raffle!) before the judging of the print section began. David judged these with just the same care and encouraged everybody to get up and look at the high quality of the prints once judging was complete. The range of subjects across both digital and print was extremely wide – wildlife, surfing, portraits, hunting, architecture, aeroplanes, churches, motorcycles, cricket ………… the list went on. There truly was something for everyone.

At then end of all the judging the scores were added up and there had to be a winner. The scores were Howden 275 points, Wakefield 283 points, Selby 293 points and victorious again were Doncaster with 297 points. You can see how close it was when you consider that between the top and bottom average mark there was only 0.8 of a mark.  Doncaster, though, went away happy and the others vowed to do better for next year. A packed evening of wonderful images which kept everyone entertained. Thanks once again to David Houstead for judging and we’ll miss his friendly and informative comments in the future. You can see some of the high-scoring images below.

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