Shining a light on Lightroom

On the evening of 20th October Ken Fisher gave a really informative presentation on Adobe Lighthouse to a packed room. Ken started by giving an overview of what Lightroom is and its relationship to Photoshop.  Designed by photographers for photographers it is intended to integrate with standard workflow and allow all operations to be performed without leaving the software. He showed how all changes to an image are stored separately to the image so the original image is never actually altered / destroyed. This was followed by an explanation of the catalogue system and suggestions as to how to get the best out of it. The importance of backups was highlighted and various methods shown.

After the break Ken went through the Lightroom interface showing how the various modules are accessed.  After this grounding Ken went through a few of the functions which he has found particularly useful. These included the painter tool,sync and autosync, use of compact mode,using guides to align images, collections, the upright function, watermarks, spot removal tool, softproofing and smart previews.

In all an interesting and informative evening.