Shooting a dragon

It was a hot time with cold-blooded creatures at the meeting on Monday 28th July. The animals were brought by Adrian and assistant from Cold Blooded Encounters and the cameras were supplied by a large number of members. First up was a Bearded Dragon. Some members had raided the shrubbery to provide a more naturalistic setting for the shots. The space allowed two members at a time (and sometimes a few more!) to take photographs which allowed members more than one shooting session. After the dragon came a tarantula on the table – one or two members appeared to be a little nervous with this wonderful creature. At the same time as some members were shooting the tarantula Adrian set up another area where others could take photographs of a pacman frog and giant millipedes. Towards the end of the evening out came a red-tailed boa constrictor – a magnificent beast which could not even fit on the table so members got “up close and personal” with it on the floor. Sally managed to look as though she was trying to tie a corn snake into knots but both survived intact. All in all a fascinating evening’s photography with some unique opportunities and some of the photographs can be seen below. If you were there and have some good shots send them to me at and Ill add them to the gallery.

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