Shots on the Street!

The meeting on the evening of Monday 22nd June saw the judging of the third round of the Clubman Trophy. This is a 5-round competition with set subjects for rounds 1, 3 and 5. For round 3 the set subject was “Street Photography” which led to many members lurking in shop doorways and other public places, or generally pestering members of the public in order to fulfil the criteria of the subject. Basically it had to include people going about their lives. The subject has not been used before and it had many members wondering what they should do, but in so doing achieved its objective of taking members out of their comfort zone and giving them a challenge. Many members rose to the task and there was a sizeable entry. Judge for the evening was Stuart Clarke who commented at the outset that there was a very wide range of subjects.

First up were the prints. Stuart assessed each one providing comments on every single print to show what was good about it, what could improve it and how he arrived at his marks.. Virtually all the prints had people as their main subjects but the activities (or non-activity!) they were caught in varied from begging to busking and sleeping to smoking. In the end there had to be a winner and this time it was Sally Sallett with “Well I never”. Second was Steve Innins with “You’ve Missed a Bit” and third Del Delap with “Insignificant”.

In the second half the digital images were judged. There were double the number of digital images to prints so there were a lot to get through. Even so judge Stuart Clarke gave each one his consideration and comments. The subjects were just as varied (or possibly more so) and included shots from around the world. In the end the winner was Steve Innins with “Light at the end of the Underpass”. In second place was Del Delap with “Cry for Help” and third was David Carr’s quirky “No Brainer”.

A good evening was had by all and it inspired some non-entrants to give it a go next time. You can see the winners here.


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