Showroom shots at BMW

On Monday evening 27th March the club paid a visit to Sandal BMW, the area’s largest independent BMW dealer for an evening of photographic fun capturing images of very desirable cars. About 25 members appeared for the session, which included access to the Mini showroom next door, all equipped with their gear ready to get that special shot. The cars were all immaculately prepared and the showroom gleaming so there were lots of opportunities for almost studio-quality shots. We were hosted by Greg Stainton, Marketing Manager of Sandal BMW who explained that there were fewer cars than normal because of their current sale but it did give us more space to set up tripods etc., lie on the floor and generally move about without getting in each other’s way. After a brief introduction from Greg everyone went their own way sizing up possible shots, setting up and reviewing images to see if the captured image matched the one they imagined.

For those who haven’t tried it before, car shots can be some of the very difficult due to the number of reflections on shiny surfaces, limited access at times and “difficult” backgrounds. However everyone was giving it their best shots and I hate to think how many images were captured during the evening. Given the high value of the vehicles in the showroom it was good to see everyone taking great care when moving around with tripod legs etc.! The proceedings wound up about 9:00 p.m. with everyone having a great evening.

Greg Stainton (who photographed the photographers as seen to the left) has kindly offered to judge a competition for images taken on the night so you need to get them to Steve Wright as soon as possible ready for judging. Closing date is 10th April 2017. Only 1 image per member and images should be the normal competition size of 1400 x 1050 pixels max. You can do this in two ways:-

1. Attach them to an email and send to [email protected]
2. Upload them directly using the upload function which you will find on the club website at

Thanks again to Sandal BMW and Nigel Hazell for organising such an enjoyable evening. A gallery of images from the evening will be published soon so everyone can see what was achieved, so please let Steve Wright have yours.



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