Small Things for July

Trevor our June winner was the judge of Small Things the July online competition. Though only six entries to judge, it’s no less easy to judge the variety of subjects. I’ve given each a placing, as to give just five placings (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Highly Commended & Commended) and leave one unplaced would be a bit unfair. Each of my first and second choices really stood out I thought, and I was initially torn between the two.

So, after viewing each image full screen and much deliberation, here are my choices:

1st Place: Female Scorpionfly by Neil Clarke – Excellent detail throughout captured here, sharp from its feeler tips to its back end (don’t know the technical terms!). The background is sufficiently out of focus without being too plain, and the colour of both that and the leaf help make it stand out well.

2nd Place: Dewdrops by Neil Scarlett – A very close second, again excellent detail, sharp on all the droplets, and the light catching them makes them look like tiny jewels. Probably less depth of field needed here than the winner, and with the subject not likely to fly off as with the Scorpionfly, more time could be spent on ensuring a good capture.

3rd Place: Small Copper Butterfly by Sara Cremer – Well composed and captured, not quite the ‘wow’ factor as the winner, but a very pleasing image, nicely framed by the two flowers and the bud. Not as much depth of field as with the Scorpionfly, and tweaking it in PS, a bit more brightness & contrast on the insect would have benefitted.

Highly Commended: Small Change by Steve Womack – A good still-life image, with the setup allowing a good depth of field throughout. It does contain the ‘small things’, being the coins, but I can’t see the relationship between them and the caramel wafer wrapper and mug. Nevertheless, it’s well-lit and captured and worthy of a Highly Commended.

Commended: Daisy From Above by Angela Crutchley-Rhodes – A pleasing capture of the daisy from above, and recognising it as a daisy, does qualify it as a ‘small thing’. However, it’s lacking sharpness, especially the tips of the petals at the top, when viewing full screen. More depth of field too would have improved this.

Commended: Small Boat Big Rock by Peter Wells – Quite a contrast to the other images, being a very stark mono image. The boat is indeed small set alongside the big rock, however not quite itself qualifying as a ‘small thing’. Do like the presentation, though.

Congratulations to Neil who will lurking in the Shadows as our judge for the August competition. PhotoEntry is open for entries, so make sure you get your images submitted by the 20th.