Some Clouds Have a Silver Lining (and Gold and Bronze!)

The theme for the August online competition was “Clouds” and quite a few people liked what they saw when they looked up and took photographs. David Kershaw has had his head in those clouds to try and find a top three shots and here are his thoughts.

1st Levant Cloud over Gibraltar This is a spectacular cloud formation and fits the brief perfectly. The composition is sound and it makes you want to explore the picture. My only criticism is the burn out that links with the frame on the top right. A picture that makes you want to go and see for yourself, well done.
2nd Lenticular Cloud This image also fits the brief. I like the simplicity of the picture. As soon as you look at the image you know what the main subject is and there are no distractions. It makes you want to know more about the conditions that produce this cloud. My only reservation was a feeling that there was a slight colour cast (too much cyan?). Another image that I could live with on my wall.
3rd A Summer Evening, Whitby We have all taken pictures from this view point and I have probably seen similar images a thousand times. However, Whitby is not the main subject in this image, the cloud formation really dominates the scene. They radiate from the tower on the church in a most spectacular way! I did try to recreate the effect with cloud brushes and radial blur, but let’s assume it is a straight photograph. The image holds your attention and I really enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed judging these pictures, though I doubt everyone will agree with my choice’s. To me the subject seemed difficult, but all 17 entries proved me wrong. A nice selection of very varied images, thank you for the opportunity to see them. – D
avid Kershaw 29.8.16

Thanks for those comments David and now everyone wants to know who shot which. Well in third place was Trevor Bottomley with “A Summer Evening, Whitby” and second was Liz Beattie with “Lenticular Cloud” (you don’t see them very often). However in first place was Michelle Howell with “Levant Cloud over Gibraltar” (again not the most common type of cloud). Congratulations to them and well done to all for just showing the sights to be found by simply looking up. Next month, September, the subject is “Windows” so get those “shutters” working even if it’s a “pane” and let’s have your entries in the normal way. In the meantime you can see the “Clouds” gallery below.

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